10 Lessons From 2020

Just when we thought 2020 was behind us, 2021’s striking resemblance to 2020 has brought more of the same: a global pandemic, world economic stress, political upheaval across the globe, racial injustice and inequality, public health disparities, winter storms and other global disasters, unemployment, homelessness, food insecurity and another U.S. Presidential impeachment trial. What should we do? Last year taught us 10 valuable lessons that may prompt a self-examination and inspire how we can best navigate 2021.  

Adaptation is essential for life

Change is inevitable. Every generation has been challenged by social, cultural and business shifts.

Your ability to adapt and move forward is paramount to your future success.

Inequality towards some affects everyone

Unresolved inequalities perpetuate and eventually infiltrate other aspects of life and society. This results in more pronounced consequences for everyone and greater hardship for those who are less fortunate.

Personal health impacts the economy

At times, the weight and pressure of life can be overwhelming. That was especially true during the last past year. Regardless of the method you choose, find a practice that provides mental and physical health and stability. 

Our challenges are not unique; they are common

Social intelligence is more than the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships. Rather, it is the ability to understand the mutuality of our challenges and the willingness to work together collectively and collaboratively to resolve them.

The world is interconnected and interdependent

We have long known that humanity’s similarities outnumber its differences. Therefore, there has no better time than now for all of mankind, young and old, to unite to use their collective wisdom for good. 

Solutions require collaboration

We will never be smart enough, work long enough or hard enough to solve our challenges alone. We must work collaboratively to resolve our challenges. A prosperous future requires the best collective ingenuity, imagination and creativity.  

The future is what we make of it

We will be remembered for our leadership and the problems we solve. The resolve of our leadership and steadfast commitment to creating innovative solutions to our challenges will shape the future. We cannot go back to the way things were, we must move forward. We cannot predict the future, but we can imagine, influence and build it. 

Success requires courage

The two fundamental components for success are change and courage; courage to change often, and courage to take calculated risks. Only those who change and are courageous enough to take risks will achieve success.

Division is destructive

Nothing divided against itself will reach its full potential. Division is inherently destructive. It stifles creativity and impairs progress resulting in implosion. It is the perfect recipe for failure.

Unity is our greatest strength

People are our biggest asset, but unity is our greatest strength. With unity there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Russell Richard 
Thought Leader, Public Speaker and author of Leadership: The View From Here 

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