A Behind the Scenes Look at the Global 7 Awards

Even though it’s now summer, I’d like to reflect on the month of May. So many wonderful things happened in that month, and even in April leading up to it.  One of the most significant milestones in CReed Global Media’s tenure in the media industry was being honored at the 6th Annual Global 7 Awards. The gala was held on May 24th at The Ballroom at Bayou Place, and the awards were given by the Houston International Trade Development Council (HITDC) and the Global 7 (G7) committee.

CReed Global Media (CGM) and Centrell Reed as CEO (me!) were honored to receive the International Rising Star award. This award recognizes a Houston-based enterprise that provides a service enabling global organizations to thrive in business. Examples include enhancing the international landscape where goods and services help businesses thrive through fair trade, reaching across borders, and strengthening relationships with our partners — that’s what good business is all about. The HITDC is a vital component to bringing communities together from all backgrounds, similar to how CReed Global Media represents the global landscape in media (and will continue to do so).

The time leading up to the G7 awards was probably the most exciting experience for my team and me as the CEO of CGM. After we were named an honoree, we realized we wanted to capture every moment of this experience, so we jumped on to serve as a media sponsor as well. Many people do not know what it takes to provide media and content globally with on-demand television and music streaming distribution. We work with major partners to ensure those relationships are solidified. From my personal perspective as the Chairwoman of the Houston Entertainment Industry Task Force, there are just so many components that go into running a successful media company and expanding the entertainment industry here in Houston.

Houston is the fourth largest city and the most diverse city in the United States. As a media sponsor to the G7 Awards, it was vitally important for myself and my team to capture videos with and for each of the honorees. Doing so gave us an opportunity to get to know each of them better. During our pre-awards video sessions at their places of business or at our studios in the Galleria area, we were able to spend time watching and hearing from each honoree and their teams about what they do. These honorees are just phenomenal in their selflessness. I felt as though I was making new friends where we all could use our collective resources to expand international trade, relationships, connections, and communities here in Houston.

I’d like to introduce you to each of these honorees individually, so you can get a sense for their amazing contributions just like I did. This month, I’ll feature three individuals — stay tuned to meet the rest next month! Here are a few of the personal moments I shared with them:


Angelica Garcia Davila is the CEO of AIM Global Logistics, who was honored with the Outstanding Corporate Citizenship award. This award is extremely befitting as AIM Global Logistics has a huge philanthropic arm where they use their expertise in transporting goods from the United States to places like Mexico and Venezuela for those in need. They help find meals, food, clothes, and other necessities for children and families here and abroad. The AIM team has huge hearts, and we were able to witness them sort, package, and load up boxes of goods to be transported. Several volunteers and team members were present to make it all come together. Their efforts restore dignity and self-worth to communities that may not have anyone reaching out to them. When communities thrive, we all win!

My time with Angelica was special, because we were able to capture the important things she’s accomplishing. For Angelica, it’s about taking care of her people and people in general. Her office is lined with certifications showing she is a hard worker who does what’s needed to align her company with the proper entities to make things happen. It’s not about the limelight — she is simply a phenomenal woman! May the work she does continue, and success follow her wherever she goes.

Dr. Laura Murillo, President of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, received the Global Impact Award. She has been president of the Chamber for over 10 years and grown its membership into the thousands. Dr. Murillo is a champion for issues affecting immigration, legal reform, citizenship, and the contribution that Hispanic individuals bring to our Houston economy. My first encounter with her was on the eve of the Hispanic Chamber’s annual luncheon, which is a huge fundraising effort for the organization bringing in speakers this year like Governor Greg Abbott, Mayor Sylvester Turner, and others to touch on the climate of Houston’s Hispanic community. Laura and her team of eight rocking women have done an amazing job raising the bar each year, evidenced by the over 1,000 people who attend the luncheon. This event is a poignant display of how Houston should continue to invite the Hispanic community into the conversation and advocate for the rights of all Houstonians.

On the day of our recording session, Laura called me to change locations from the Chamber office to the Hilton Americas Hotel, where the luncheon was being held. As I walked toward her on the second floor of the hotel where she asked to meet, I noticed she was answering several calls (making sure the details were handled). I walked toward her with my producer, ready and poised for the interview. I was thinking how amazing a woman she was to take time out of planning the luncheon to do an interview and video with me and CReed Global Media. When we greeted each other, it probably looked like two schoolgirls — admiring and complimenting outfits, hair, and jewelry. She is poised and professional; I can tell she always is. We chose a non-typical location for the shoot and got right into it.

Her years of being on the radio paid off, because she was ready to answer my first three questions without having anything written down:

1. Describe what the HITDC honor means to you?
2. What’s next for the Hispanic Chamber?
3. What is the Chamber’s global impact?

Dr. Murillo is very astute, and I’d venture to say she has never met a camera she didn’t know! Her time on Telemundo and Univision as well as leading the Chamber helped her knock it all out in one take. We took some quick pictures, and then she asked me the big question: “You will be at the luncheon tomorrow, right?” And I was. We took pictures at the luncheon in support of one another; both looking very first lady-esque, channeling Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama. In departing, we both hugged again, exchanging a whispered, “Thank you” — See you at the G7 Awards!!

I will forever be a champion of those who champion good causes for good people, like Dr. Murillo.

The next honoree was Soledad Tanner, Founder and CEO of Soledad Tanner Consulting, who was recognized as Outstanding International Consultant. She is an amazing personality who refers to herself (or at least her younger self) as a nerd. Soledad is so bright and sweet, with a great wit and fun-loving demeanor. I enjoyed picking locations to film her interview, looking for an energy that could match her vibrant glow-in-the-dark blue/purple dress (it looked amazing complimented her well). My time with Soledad was more of a photoshoot, since her beau, Gabriel, and my producer Vic took so many pictures; it was great fun!

Soledad helps her clients become financially literate and savvy through her consulting, which provides information on how to know your numbers and grow your business. She has the gift of grasping what numbers mean and how to break them down and apply that knowledge to a company’s success. My time with her was precious. I learned that this is her first award, and her mom from Ecuador and brother from Switzerland were flying in to witness her receiving the honor in person. We shared in each other’s moment on stage at the G7 receiving our Congressional Award from United States Congress and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

I hope readers enjoy meeting some of the influential individuals I shared the evening with at the G7 Awards. Don’t forget to check in next issue for a behind-the-scenes look at the final three honorees!

Along with my team at CReed Global Media, I support the global community in our work and as a display of our commitment to those we work alongside. We must tell the real stories of every person in this world, because they are interwoven with our stories. We do nothing alone, and we realize that those who came before us made the pathways we are able to walk through now.

This has been a Media Moment written by: Centrell Reed, Founder and Co-CEO of CReed Global Media & Production. Get in touch with Centrell at info@creedglobalmedia.com.

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