African Safari: Ngutuni Game Sanctuary

During the holidays season I found myself with an opportunity of a lifetime to visit the East African nation of Kenya. And even more exciting was I was joined by my son and eight year old grandson who I know will cherish the experience the rest of his life as well as mine. We visited several Safari lodges, however, i must admit, none we as accommodating as the Ngutuni Lodge a stones throw from the towering almost 4 mile above sea level Mt.Kilimanjaro in Eastern Kenya.

Ngutuni Lodge is a luxury safari lodge located in the heart of a 10,000 acre private game sanctuary, surrounded on three sides by Tsavo East National Park. The lodge overlooks a water hole and is set against the spectacular backdrop of the Sagala Hills, only 2.5 hours drive from Mombasa and its international airport. Nestling deep within the NGUTUNI GAME SANCTUARY, the spectacular new “4 star” Safari Lodge offers the perfect place to secretly observe the wonders of the African bush unfold. The buildings are elevated and provide a panoramic view over the endless Savannah of Tsavo East. An inviting water hole offers a kaleidoscope of color and variety as animals satisfy their thirst.

This unique private game sanctuary, once a hunter’s paradise, had it’s share of Man-eaters, as the lions of Tsavo, who terrorized workers on the Railways. They were called European armies camped in the area during both World Wars. Also, I’d be remiss iF I did not mention the most accommodating General Manager of the Ngutuni Game Sanctuary, Mr.Chrutophe Wasike, he is seen in the photo with his beautiful daughter. He as well as the entire Ngutuni Management team, gave extra care to my family and me. I just might organize a mission to Kenya, and iF so, we are going to really need to visit Ngutuni Lodge for an experience you will never forget!


By: Val Thompson, Publisher

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