Barbados Business Mission Builds Bridges with Atlanta – April 27-30

Written by: David D. Cutting, Barbados Honorary Consul – Atlanta

Barbados has had diplomatic representation in Atlanta since the mid-1970s. David Cutting, the current Honorary Consul has been in the role since 2015, believes that such a visit was long overdue. The last visit to Atlanta by a business delegation of substance was the 2016 Barbados Comes to Atlanta Mission.

The Business Delegation, led by the Honorable Rudy Grant, Consul General and Head of Mission at the Barbados Consulate in Miami, included Kaye Greenidge, CEO of Invest Barbados, Renatta Mohammed, Director – Investment and Marketing at Invest Barbados., Misha Lobban Clarke, Executive Director – Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Angela Daniel Pampersaud, Executive Director – Barbados International Business Association and Carol Roberts Reifer, CEO – National Cultural Foundation. The visit began on Thursday afternoon with a meeting at the Georgia Department of Economic Development with Mr. Nico Wijnberg, Director of International Relations. The delegation was briefed on the strategies used in Georgia to attract foreign direct investment and to make sure that investors and the international community were made to feel at home and supported. We discussed several areas of possible cooperation, especially film production, study abroad programs and Fintech.

A welcome reception featuring a “Taste of Barbados” was held at “Constellations” on Auburn Ave. The menu for that event was designed and catered by Chef Monique Barrow, a Barbadian who has been leading the design of menus and the creation of culinary delights at top restaurants in Atlanta for many years. The reception facilitated an opportunity for the visitors to meet a cross section of the Atlanta Community, the exposure to unique Barbadian (Bajan) cuisine and to see performances by Bajan musical artists.

The Invest Barbados team presented a Breakfast Business Forum on Friday April 28, 2023, at the impressive office of the Law Firm Miller and Martin in Midtown Atlanta. The main purpose was to explain that although we are very proud of our world class Tourism assets, that there is more to our Island than beautiful beaches, Luxury resorts and the welcoming warm-hearted spontaneity of our people. The presentations focused on why Barbados is attractive to investors as a secure and reputable jurisdiction that facilitates global growth and profitability, in various sectors including international business, financial wealth management and insurance services, global education services, information & communication technology (ICT), renewable energy, medical cannabis, fintech and niche manufacturing.

Here is why:

1) A business-friendly environment for businesses of substance with a pro-investment Government ready to support you.

2) A long history of political and social stability, with a legal system based on English common law.

3) Excellent physical infrastructure with an international airport and modern seaport to get you and your goods on and off the island quickly and efficiently.

4) The right people for the job – Barbados has well-educated and available pool of qualified industry professionals.

5) All the connectivity you need – we have island-wide 4GLTE and fibre-optic high-speed internet.

6) An expanding international treaty network, ensuring clarity and straight-forward tax considerations.

The Business Forum was attended by over 60 participants and there was a robust question and answer session which laid a solid foundation for future discussions and potential partnerships. The business mission concluded with a courtesy visit to the office of the Mayor of Atlanta where we were received by Mr. Odie Donald, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff. Our team was led by the Honorable Rudy Grant, Consul General in Miami and Kaye Greenidge, Chief Executive of Invest Barbados.

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