Batiked! Art Opening

In Celebration of the 70th Year Anniversary Indonesia-USA Diplomatic Relations

By: Heidi Powell-Prera, Photographer/Journalist

The Honorable Nana Yuliana brought gifts and cultural performances to the opening which was attended by students and art lovers alike. Kris Larsen did a phenomenal job putting the exhibition together which features works by Mia Fliam, Agus Ismoyo, and Lone Star College-Kingwood’s Mari Omori, Batiked! explores the intricacy, beauty and history of Indonesian textile crafting, as researched by LSC-Kingwood’s fine arts faculty Mari Omori.

Agus Ismoyo was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and does not remember when he began doing Batik, it is a part of his culture and has always been a part of his life. He met Mia Fliam in a studio in Indonesia while she was there studying Batik after graduating from Pratt in New York. Mia fell in love with the Batik tradition while studying painting and received a one year grant to study Batik in Indonesia. She has lived there ever since and travels the world teaching its traditions, history and techniques.

Mia told me “this creative process teaches us that we live in three worlds- the microcosm which is the self and tells us we are alive, the macrocosm the universe which gives us life and the source of creativity which creates life.” Ismoyo says that to him creating Batik is a way to become one with nature and the source of creativity. The pieces are intricate and full of sacred symbols depicting trees, animals, and the cosmos. One piece that struck me in particular is called the Sacred Zoo and it is a collaboration of many Batik artists from all over the world. The symbols are of sacred animals from many cultures. The piece was mailed to each artist to add their part, creating a powerful and sacred piece.

To make an appointment to see the exhibition before April 16th or for more information contact: Lone Star College-Kingwood Fine Art Gallery

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