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Stephen J. Thomas CEO of Trans Pacific Global Technology Brings High Speed Testing for COVID 19 home to Texas

The first weekend in December, Stephen J. Thomas, the president and founder of TPT Global based in San Diego, and his executive vice-president of operations, Richard Eberhardt, came to Texas to introduce their new and exciting technology for testing for COVID 19 anywhere, anytime and with results within half an hour. They also introduced a mobile sanitizing unit for use at public venues where security needs a way to make sure that all attendees are virtually free of any contact virus making public gatherings safe for everyone. 

Mr. Thomas is a Texan as he remarked to me at the luncheon, “I feel as if I am coming home when I get here.” His pride in his product and pleasure in being able to bring it home to Texans was apparent as he offered a personal view inside the unit to me and other guests. Lamar Odom was among the many guests gathered to lend their support at the Breakfast Klub,  a popular spot located in Downtown Houston. They made several media and interview appointments during their time in Houston. 

TPT Med Tech, a subsidiary of TPT Global, is the manufacturer and operator of QuikLAB™ Rapid COVID-19 Testing Stations.  Test results are processed in about 30 minutes.  Each unit is equipped with a licensed lab and medical staff. Working in conjunction with the QuikLAB™ is the SaniQuik™  Sanitizing booth that does a15-second pass-through sanitizing and a full body temperature scan as well.

The TPT MedTech QuikLAB™ has been designed and manufactured to provide on-site COVID-19 testing services to hospitals, businesses and communities where rapid incremental infrastructure is needed, including during emergency situations like pandemics and other natural disasters. Now it is possible to get all the tests needed done out-of-building, 24/7, eliminating the logistic challenges of conventional off site testing. TPT MedTech has been recognized for its strong engineering expertise, advanced medical systems and innovative solutions.  The QuikLAB™ is made in the USA and offers a high-quality, cost-efficient and climate controlled turnkey testing lab.

The QuikLAB can be customized to fit the needs of the purchaser and used with the SaniQuik sanitizing booth provides an efficient barrier to disease transmission.  

Stephen J. Thomas is a visionary and an award winning tech entrepreneur. Previously, Mr. Thomas was the founder and CEO of Trans Pacific Telecom Group, Inc. And prior to that was President and CEO of New Orbit  Communications. In 2002, as CEO of Trans Pacific Telecom, Inc., Mr. Thomas was featured on CBS market watch for winning “Product of the Year Award” at the Internet Telephone Conference and Expo widely considered the number one global event on voice, video, facts, and data.

Richard Eberhardt, Executive VP of operations, is an accomplished sales and business development executive with strong business abilities and more than 30 years of experience leading sales and marketing operations. He is a founding member of the multi-million dollar telecommunications firm WorldxChange located in San Diego, California. 

TPT MedTech is a publicly traded company. They are accepting investors in their new innovative solution to COVID 19 Testing. For information about acquiring a testing unit and the sanitizing booth or making an investment, contact TPT MedTech.

By: Heidi PP
Editor in Chief iF Magazine
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