Corry Smith: HIS & HERS Cologne/Perfume

By: Lyrik Walker

JaCorrian Smith is the founder and CEO of JSmith Collection which is a black-owned company. The first product under his brand is the ‘His and Hers’ collection, a perfume and cologne fragrance. His mission is to promote and connect individuals. 

“’His and Hers’ collection was driven from my sister and I. Growing up we were viewed as twins and we did everything together as one. We graduated together, went to prom together and even modeled as Ken and Barbie. I want these fragrances to allow others to experience that same connection, whether it’s a relationship or friendship. We all need someone in our lives that is going to be there no matter what the situation is. One of my main goals have been to create something that was going to set the standard, based off of that I was able to create a neck turning smell; a “what are you wearing” and a “hey, what’s your name” type of smell. The process of getting this brand established has not been an easy process. However, it has been very rewarding and God has allowed everything to fall in place for it to have been released on December 12th, 2020.”

Once Smith begins profiting from his first collection he shares that he’ll begin working to release more fragrances. Eventually he wants to venture off into the fashion world and start his own clothing line under the JSmith Collection as well as a few other business endeavours that are still under wraps. This young business mogul has big dreams and the drive to match. Not only is he an entrepreneur but also a full-time student at the University of Houston studying public health with a minor in business administration. On top of that, he also balances two part-time jobs. With about a year left in his undergraduate career, the course work is only getting more rigorous which typically requires a lot of studying. How does he juggle all of these responsibilities and most importantly when does he sleep, eat or just enjoy the college experience? Smith explained that it is all about time management; it does get stressful from time to time but you have to make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. That is the key to success in his eyes.

“I love scents and that is what made me pursue this entrepreneurial venture because I have always loved the idea of having my own. One day I decided to stop dreaming about it and began to make it a reality. It required a bunch of research, being that I didn’t know anything about starting this business. With guidance from successful business professionals around me and my dedication I was able to get the ball rolling. I would say that the most challenging components of the whole process were executing my video and photoshoot for the release. IT is always a challenge working with a large group of people to make sure that everyone is on one accord.”

Smith wants to be a household name for his peers and for people around the world through his efforts for societal unity. He wants individuals of his generation to recognize what they’re capable of achieving when they put their minds and best efforts to it. Smith has expressed how important it is for him to make a name for himself, by himself. 

This young entrepreneur is just getting started on his continuous journey of success and his fragrance line is available online to order:

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