DISCOVER GLOBAL MARKETS: John Harden, Houston Heavy Machinery, Award Winner

By: Heidi Powell-Prera-iF Magazine

iF Magazine was invited to attend Discover Global Markets 2019, organized and presented by the U. S. Department of Commerce. This year focused on 21 markets in the Middle East and Africa. The purpose was to bring import/export leaders to Houston for information and assistance in helping businesses who wish to do business in the Middle East and Africa. It is our pleasure to meet and talk with a local businessman presented with an Export Achievement Certificate for his company’s accomplishments and growth as an exporter of machinery and services to Africa. By making use of the services offered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Houston Heavy Machinery did $8.8 million exporting to Nigeria. I am sitting with Mr. John Harden one of the founders of Houston Heavy Machinery, LLC in Cypress.

Heidi PP:  I just saw you receive the Export Achievement award. Please tell me for our readers how this came about for a machinery company based in Cypress. How did you get started being an exporter?

John Harden:  Well, both my partner and I came from machinery dealers, and we had done export deals with those companies. We started Houston Heavy Machinery in Cypress about seven years ago. Some of our very first deals were exports to Nigeria and Mexico.

Heidi PP:  So, you were doing exports from the very beginning.

John Harden:  From the start. In the beginning, we did mostly buying and selling. As the market changed, we got into local equipment rentals. We try to take care of what our clients need. Most of what we sell is used equipment. Most recently, we have taken on a line of amphibious excavators.

Heidi PP:  Amphibious Excavators are designed for what specific use?  

John Harden:  They were designed in Louisiana and are used in marshes. It has been a good product for our clients overseas. 

Heidi PP:  What do you think is the future of Houston Heavy Machinery?

John Harden:  We will continue to grow and expand. We are looking at new lines, new products and continued growth.

Heidi PP:  Our publication promotes business in Houston and overseas. What advice would you give a business that wants to get into exporting?

John Harden:  I would encourage them to take advantage of events like this and the services offered at You must network a lot. There is no telephone book or guide book for finding overseas clients. You must network, take the opportunities to meet them in person. And once you have found a client, you must take care of them.

Heidi PP:  Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Congratulations on receiving this special honor. We look forward to hearing more about Houston Heavy Machinery, LLC.

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