Eye for Fashion 2019 for North Cotabato

“It’s all about doing something new that someone will love and want to be a part of.  Last year I hosted Eye For Fashion 2018, and the response was spectacular!  I looked around and noticed there was standing room only, and I thought why in the world haven’t I done this before?” -Angela Frederick

This year, International Focus Magazine’s Chief Photographer,, Heidi Powell-Prera and longevity lifestyle writer, Sandra Bernstein, were there for my second go round, as we presented Tsunami’s Eye for Fashion 2019!  FAMA (Filipino American Modeling Association) under the direction of Abby Hamdan, this year’s headliner, won the hearts of everyone in the room! 

Pearl Fincher’s Museum of Fine Art was the venue. Conveniently tucked away on the north side of Spring Texas, it’s a little known treasure, perfect for hosting private and public events. 

The lineup was a challenge because I always want to do something different, something that will leave a lasting impression on each and every attendee. We featured designs from Nigeria to Bahrain and the Philippines this year. For extra spice, we even chose a designer from New Orleans, who had just launched their swimsuit line and urban couture line called Tainted, Inc. For our cause, we chose the relief efforts in North Cotabato, epicenter of one of most devastating earthquakes the region has ever seen. We wanted to ensure people knew how bad the country was suffering, to help get relief.

On behalf of Eye for Fashion 2019, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Abby Hamdan, Holly Vogt Wilkison, Valerie Peterson Kelly, Gab International, Tainted, Inc., Maja Dimitrijevi, Blue Lotus Relics and the talented FAMA models for making this year’s show a huge success!

By: Angela Frederick
Women to Watch International 

Photography: Heidi Powell-Prera,iF Magazine

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