Genesis Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Genesis is in the heart of Houston’s Jewish community in a Meyerland shopping center on Chimney Rock and Bissonnet by Kronberg’s Flags and Flagpoles.  The principles they operate on have long been instilled in this family-run business.  I was asking around for a kosher restaurant and looked into a Jewish calendar of businesses a close friend, Michel Sellouk, gave me as all are family in that community.  He said he knows the management after I had already gotten there to call him that I chose this place and always a great experience for everyone experiencing it.  As I walked in I could see why.  The staff was very professional and after we were greeted by the hostesses, we walked through the dining room of spacious large tables and privacy wall dividers that can accommodate several sized parties.  The interior was an art deco style reminding of being in New York with soft lighting.  There are hanging star lights that can take you away to any place.  The focal point of the room was definitely the large tree of life to greet you the moment you step in.  We sat in the back where the general manager could have a vantage point to oversee the restaurant and discuss with us the dishes we had.

The first dish was Smoked Short Rib Tacos with fresh pico and guacamole.  The short rib was smoked with Pecan wood & Live Oak enveloped by a House specialty rub, the Pico was a medley of onions, cilantro, tomatoes, accompanied with the freshest guacamole.

Following the short rib was a Tuna Poke appetizer.  Sushi grade tuna was served in a traditional soy sauce with sesame seeds and onions garnished with a little ginger on top.  The plate was rounded out with a nice side of avocado slices.  Hand cut Plantain chips (that had a hint of Pineapple in the making!) were the preferred “utensil” to taste the poke.

This was the prelude to quite a surprise even though it is called a steakhouse, it also has beautiful and tasty sushi, evening a flaming sushi!!  The Steve Lee roll is named after him and topped with white spicy sauce and baked then we had the Big Red as it is called, a Spicy salmon mix with avocado inside topped with fresh tuna and spicy Ponzu mayo.  The flame makes for just the right crunchiness on the outside and warmth in the middle.  Caution: served table side on flaming plate.

The next dish was an Angus bone-in 24 oz. medium rare ribeye Cowboy steak from a farm in Texas.  The restaurant has their own butcher yet high holy days make it much more rare to have kosher steak as the supply is low and demand is high.  That is why the relationship between the restaurant and the suppliers must be in tact and there is so much more to the Glatt kosher specifics with restaurants and grocers in the farm to table environment.  It is clear that there are a shortage of restaurants who supply these specifications to the public that the Goldstein family has upheld for generations.  The meats, veggies, and oils have to be cooked in different pans and grills.  There is a Kosher supervisor named Scott to oversee Kosher rules Genesis is certified to provide.  He pours a cooked wine called Mevushal and only can be given by him.  Genesis is the result of multi-generational experience by Jason Goldstein and his mother Suzie Goldstein. Suzie, as her loyal customers call her, had restauranteur experience with previous endeavors: Dessert Delights and Suzie’s Mediterranean Grill.  The Goldstein family was raised on the premise that their meals be made fresh and from scratch.  Farm to table before farm to table took over the Houston food scene.

Jason had a goal of opening Texasís first Kosher steakhouse.  Why?  To stay true to his upbringing and show everyone how amazing kosher prepared cuisine can be, Glatt Kosher to be specific.  They really love to teach their patrons — old and new — about the Glatt Kosher standards.  Glatt Kosher historically meant meat from animals with smooth or defect free lungs.  Now the term has evolved to strict standards of Kashrut.  Glatt means smooth in Yiddish.

The owner says, in my follow up call, that his family made the one of a kind Styrofoam bar of cracked concrete and all of the cocktail drinks are mixed with no more than three ingredients using only fresh ingredients and fruit juices so no processed pre-maid mixers most would typically utilize for drinks.  Drinks made with kosher Ginger infused syrup, nice Vanilla infused … by real vanilla bean and natural fresh squeezed juices.  We did try one called Leah’s Back that is a concoction of fresh strawberries, vodka, mint, and lime juice.

The expresso tastes different than the tart acidity of most expresso as it was very smooth and nutty.  It was paired with a dessert off the Mini Temptations Chef Specials that I chose for my birthday coming up in the week.  Tiramisu has always been my favorite so this was the ultimate test haha.  It was The Tiramisu Box Traditional Italian Dessert with a Creamy, Rich Mousse Infused with Dark Roasted Espresso Coffee boxed in Chocolate!  Divine!!

We sampled the egg plant tower.  The tower was served with falafel*, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and tahini.  (*Note that all with an asterisk are gluten-free products served at this restaurant.)

My photographer, Heidi, had the Southwestern Chicken Caesar Salad that involved Caesar chicken breast, romaine, tomato, roasted corn, avocado, corn tortilla confetti, croutons & chipotle Caesar dressing.

The last dish reminded me of a tartare dish I had growing up, it was their Steak & Tomato Salad made of Butcher’s Cut Steak Strips, Tomato, Caramelized Onions, Micro Greens & Balsamic oil drizzle.

Speaking of growing up; The General Manager, David Tenorio, became our splendid host with the most as he told of growing up with a mother that had restaurants and the highest standards in Kosher cooking.  He was the boy at the school lunch table that had the watercress sandwich on whole grain.

Genesis has the warm family ambiance where everyone is welcome, where cuisine can be appreciated, where memories can be forged.  Patrons notice that there aren’t any Stars of David or Israeli flags visible.  As much as the motivations of the cuisine are rooted in religion the conveyance of the Glatt Kosher practices at Genesis are comfortable for everyone to enjoy.  It is about the food!

Make memories in the 101-seat main dining room, a 40-person secluded modern wine room or the 80-seat multi-media Grand Banquet Room.  I fell in love with the banquet room due to the Victorian feel!  I can see many of my friends hosting gatherings there and doing presentations.  Business casual/appropriate attire is required.

We took our photos in the room that is adjacent to the dining room where there is a divider if you should choose a private area against the Wave wall.  Perfect for any family gathering, luncheons, or business functions.  Your photos from events will have that extra touch of color as a built in back drop in lieu of a white or tan wall.

Genesis offers delivery and take out simply by contacting them on:  Genesis also offers delivery and take out supplied on sturdy, top of the line, disposable eating utensils with every order.  In fact, the disposable tableware and delivery/carry out boxes are so nice that many of the customers keep them for later use.  There are also 20 varieties of Genesis gift box packages to choose from, including one you may build your own way: the Executive, the Prime Sampler, the Bone Yard, the Smokehouse, the Picnic, the Gobble Gobble, the Yard Bird or Make Your Own Box: Dry Aged Steaks, Tomahawk, Cowboy, Kobe, Kobe Ground Beef, Prime, Boneless Ribeye, Prime Boneless Ribeye, Smoked Beef Ribs, Smoked Brisket, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Sausage.  Each Smoke Box is handcrafted in the USA built out of Cedar for the sides with Baltic Birch for the lid and bottom plus hand signed by the builder and is shipped with a personalized hand written card; just tell us them you want to say.  Once you are finished with the feast inside, the insulation pops out and you will have a beautiful handcrafted box that can be used to store your valuables.

Reservations are recommended, but not required.  Open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm, Fridays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, Saturdays from 9:00 pm until midnight.  Reserve online at or call 713.665.2222.  Genesis offers catering and corporate catering as well.  They look forward to seeing you soon and tell them you read about them in International Focus Magazine!

General Manager David Tenorio made us feel like queens!  Even providing coffee/expresso to finish off the tasting.

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