HITDC Raises Over $11,000 in NPA Scholarships

Houston International Trade Development Council, in collaboration with Blandford Thompson Consulting, LLC and the National Port Authority of Liberia Launch Educational Scholarship Program Raising Over $11,000 US Dollars

The Houston International Trade Development Council (HITDC), in collaboration with Blandford Thompson Consulting, LLC and the National Port Authority of Liberia (NPA) Scholarship Committee, launched the NPA Educational Scholarship program soft-rollout fundraising campaign to help raise funds for academic scholarships for deserving Liberian students and/or NPA employees to help build their capacity and strengthen their technical skills. A reception was held with the NPA of Liberia’s Managing Director Honorable Diana Nebo and her distinguished delegation from Liberia on Friday, June 23, 2023, at The International Trade Center – Houston, Texas. 

“As President of HITDC and in partnership with the NPA Scholarship Committee, we are excited to be a partner with NPA in this important endeavor to assist in the building up of NPA – a national treasure of Liberia – by helping to educate Liberians with academic scholarships in Business Management, Administration, Leadership, Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM), in Liberal Arts, and/or Port Management, where the fundraising goal for 2023-2024 is to help raise $70,000,” stated Mr. Val Thompson, NPA Scholarship Administrator. 

The National Port Authority of Liberia Scholarship Program (NPASP) was established in 2022 in collaboration with the National Port Authority of Liberia (NPA), and HITDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas. HITDC will be responsible for managing the scholarship program on behalf of the NPA. The Scholarship program is open to Liberian students and/or students of Liberian descent (residing in Liberia at the time of applying for a scholarship) pursuing a post-secondary education at a U.S. or Liberian College or University and/or NPA employees seeking to further their education.

Honorable Diana Nebo, Managing Director of the NPA states “As the NPA strives to help educate and train the Liberian workforce of tomorrow, we believe the NPA Scholarship Program will strengthen technical skills in port management, logistics, administration, leadership development that will also help to improve the quality of life for Liberians. We are excited to partner with HITDC and look forward to a fruitful relationship to help lift Liberia. At the event, Honorable Nebo presented a symbolic check in the amount of $10,000 on behalf of NPA reaffirming President George Manneh Weah’s commitment to educating and training the Liberian workforce for the future. The NPA Scholarship Committee, chaired by Dr. Dwedor Morais Ford, will work together with HITDC to help coordinate the scholarship program.

Honorable Cynthia L. Blandford, Managing Director of Blandford Thompson Consulting, LLC., states that “it is an honor and privilege to be a part of this exciting initiative and to have the NPA as a partner and client to help further their vision to be the Maritime Gateway to Liberia and the Gateway to Liberia’s Economy where their Strategic Vision is to Become a Premier Port Authority in the West African Region. We believe this scholarship program will help strengthen the NPA as a national treasure, and we look forward to the future together.” Honorable Blandford also acknowledged a personal gift of USD Five Hundred on behalf of Liberia’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Honorable Mawine G. Diggs. The Minister expressed her honor and privilege to be a part of this initiative. 

The NPA Scholarship Committee will also consider developing Experiential Learning, Study Abroad, and Student Exchange programs at a later date, pursuant to funding availability. All those who receive a scholarship to study abroad must return to Liberia after receiving their degree and/or training and provide a briefing and to participate in an Internship Program, as applicable. After completing their study, those attending an institution in Liberia must present a service project to be implemented in Liberia. Our team already has relationships with over nineteen institutions of higher learning in the USA and in Liberia.

For further information please contact Mr. Val Thompson, CEO, HITDC at 832-526-3335 or email: vthompson@houstontrade.org

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