Honorary Consul of Jamaica Khalfani Omari Fullerton

By: Heidi Powell-Prera-iF Magazine

We are here today with our very gracious host, Hon. Khalfani Omari Fullerton, the Honorary Consul of Jamaica. We will be talking about Jamaica and its relationship with the United States.

Heidi PP:  Tell us a little about your background. How did you come to Houston?

K. Fullerton: Originally I came to Houston to go to law school in 1985. After law school, I worked as a law clerk to the Chief Justice for the U. S. in the Virgin Islands, Honorable Verne Hodge. I came back to Houston in 1988. Houston is home to me. As you know, I am a practicing attorney.

Heidi PP:  So this is your office; not the Consular Office.

K. Fullerton: It is both. It is my law office and the Consular Office. When you are a State rep, a councilman, or an Honorary Consul, you always have another profession. There is no salary for the position.

Heidi PP:  What states do you cover as an Honorary Consul?

K. Fullerton: I cover Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The Consul in Miami covers all the Southern States.

Heidi PP:  What is it that you feel Jamaica needs the most from the U. S.? How may we improve relations with Jamaica?

K. Fullerton: Jamaica and the U. S. have always been friendly. What Jamaica needs is more investment from the U.S. I believe with proper explorations for oil, we should have oil in Jamaica.  We are very close to Cuba, and they have oil. We need someone to explore and find it. It is a very valuable resource. 

Heidi PP:  What other types of minerals and natural resources do you have?

K. Fullerton: Jamaica has one of the world’s largest deposits of bauxite. People don’t know that. It is aluminum. We produce cans and many other uses. We also have, Blue Mountain Coffee, the best in the world. As you know, we have agriculture.  Jamaica is one of the best tourist attraction in the world. 

Heidi PP:  You are known for your beautiful weather. And you have all the things that come with beautiful weather.

K. Fullerton: Yes. We have tourism. There is always opportunity in tourism. Jamaica’s stock market is one of the best in the world. It is always positive. We are in the top three performing stock markets worldwide.

Heidi PP:  Are there any events coming up that we need to tell people about:

K. Fullerton: We have the Emancipation Celebration in August, and we also have Jamaican Independence celebration. So August is All Things Jamaican. Throughout the year, we do fundraisers.  Every year we award 10 scholarships to students, not only Jamaican students.

Heidi PP:  I am sure that Jamaica appreciates your service. We hope to be working with you for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

For more information about Jamaica and possible investment opportunities contact: 

The Honorable Khalfani Omari Fullerton: 713-782-8494.

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