Houston’s Own R&B Songstress XANDi – International Recording Artist

Houston’s Own R&B Songstress XANDi is well on her way to having one of the best ascensions of the Year 2023. By the age of four, it was evident that XANDi had developed a passion for performing and a strong love for R&B music. Although she’s joining a very elite list of Stars that represent the Great City of Houston, Texas, she is definitely in a lane of her own with her unique sound intact and her sense of fashion locked in. She’s the Full Package.

Over the years, XANDi discovered and developed her unique approach to R&B and her writing talent as she’s been the writer behind her music since her first mainstream single, “You,” from her debut EP entitled “Feels Like Nirvana,”

Additionally, Her sophomore EP, “Catharsis,” and her third EP, “By My Lonely,” are currently streaming on all major platforms. With over 500,000 collective streams across digital platforms, XANDi is excited to continue moving the masses through the vehicle that is her music!

In a recent sit-down with her New Publicist, Media Maven Chadd Black, asked, “What is Xandi’s Definition of “Grown”? She eloquently responded: “To me, Being “Grown” is handling your responsibilities and taking care of your Business.”

With so many of today’s Most Successful Artists operating as the CEOs of their brand’s merchandise lines and endorsements, Xandi has the mindset and motivation required to achieve ultimate success internationally and at home in the music business. Both Xandi and her team released her CD, appropriately entitled “Grown,” on January 20, 2023, and it has been a fan favorite all year. Fans are looking forward to her next masterpiece album.

By: DJ Pup Dawg

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