Israeli Contributions: DID YOU KNOW?

Although Israel is geographically a small country, it is a major international contributor to technology, medicine, culture, humanitarian efforts, and has Nobel prizes in medicine, chemistry, economics, physics and literature. This article focuses on a few of the many Israeli contributions to our lifestyle, business, and culture. For example, did you know?

By Susanne Rothschild, MBA, PMP

President of The Rothschild Corporation

1.  What are some of the Israeli contributions to agriculture? 

Both clean air and clean water are essential ingredients for life. In Houston, Texas, citizens enjoy hot showers, drinking tap water, and watering their lawns. Challenged by limited fresh water resources, Israeli research and manpower searched for solutions to water shortages. Through their research, they found innovations in recycling water to irrigate crops, drip irrigation, water conservation, desalination, and leading-edge technologies are producing clean water. A major percentage of Israeli drinking water comes from desalination. Here are a few examples of Israeli companies that have a global impact: Netafim invented drip irrigation based on an engineer’s discovery that an abnormally large tree growing in the desert was fed by a drip in a water pipe. IDE has become a world leader in desalination technology and now also works with wastewater treatment. Tahal Consulting Engineers, Israel’s largest water engineering firm, has made major contributions to water resource management, sewage and sanitation, environmental protection, marine engineering and more. Aqwise Water Technologies, Ltd. is a world leader in innovations of wastewater treatment and is working with Mekorot, Israel’s water company, to address nitrate contamination in drinking water. Israel is now recognized as a leader in clean water technology.

2.  What are some of the Israeli contributions to medical research?

Although there are many contributions, here are a few highlighted in

• The biological pacemaker

• Stem-cell technology to regenerate heart tissue

• First full computerized diagnostic instrument for breast cancer detection

• Development of heart pump synchronization device

3.  What are some of the Israeli contributions to humanitarian aid? Although there are many contributions, here are two examples from

• The Hadassah Medical Center in Israel received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for its treatment of all patients, regardless of religious and ethnic differences.

• Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief (JCDR), a coalition of Jewish organizations, provides disaster relief around the world. They have raised money for the Asia Tsunami Relief, the El Salvador earthquake in 2003 and other world disasters.

4.  What are some of the Israeli contributions to technology?

Israel is a world leader in high-tech innovations. Here are a few examples of contributions to technology.

• Voice mail

• Pentium Microprocessor was designed and produced in Israel

• Microsoft-Windows operating system was designed in Israel

• Lasers for non-invasive treatment of varicose veins, acne, and hair removal.

• PillCam – a tiny capsule enabling camera visualization of a patient’s intesitnes without endoscopy.

• Emergency Bandage that uses a built-in pressure bar to stop bleeding.

• Package tracking using technology to scan tags and barcodes with high-powered cameras.

• Solar thermal distributed power plants to supplement the main energy systems in hospitals.

• DiskOnKey USB flash drive

• Selman Surgical Rehearsal Platform, a neurosurgery simulator that enables surgeons to rehearse microsurgical procedures before making an incision.

• Check Point Software Technologies enabling cyber-security

• Digital printing

• Drones

• Non-stick coatings for aircraft

This month, we celebrate with appreciation the many contributions of our Israeli community.

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