Nanjing Song and Dance Troupe

On October 11,2019 iF Magazine was seen on the scene at the 14th “The Splendid China” Dance Party hosted by the Asian American Dance Troupe staged at the famous Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston. Despite the sudden drop in temperature during the event, many viewers came to watch it. Even the turf lawn of the theater was filled with the viewers who had brought the family to the show. Cai Wei, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and Zheng Wen, Cultural Counselor, also attended the show.

At the invitation of the Asian American Dance Troupe, a group of 15 people from the Nanjing Opera and Dance Theatre in China made a special trip to Houston to star in the “Jinxiu China” dance party. The Asian American Dance Troupe and the dancers from Nanjing elaborated a dance program with a strong Chinese style, presenting a beautiful dance feast for the people in the Houston area.

To be a member of the Asian American Dance Troupe, the Ami Dance School recruits students from the age of 3 to adulthood. Classes are arranged according to age and skill. The courses are comprehensive and systematic, including: children’s ballet, Chinese dance enlightenment education, children’s gymnastics, Chinese classical dance, folk dance, western ballet, modern dance, jazz dance and so on. Learning the dance and performance hones the will of the students, cultivates self-confidence and graceful manners, enhances artistic accomplishment, and lets the dance beautify their lives.

Dance of Asian America and Janie Yao, Director and Co-founder of Dance of Asian America

Yanni Su, Dance of Asian America Principal Dancer and Choreographer

Yeri Bingham, Dance of Asian America Principal Dancer and Choreographer

Lena Yeh, Dance of Asian America Principal Dancer and Choreographer

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