New Love vibe, Soleil Soleil X

Guests celebrating the sixth anniversay mixer for iF Magazine were entertained by the sexy and soulful sounds of SOLEIL SOLEIL X.  She has dedicated her life to spreading messages of hope, love and light wherever she goes. As a proud Houstonian, with her family as her musical source of inspiration, she is joining the greats in uniting all generations through creative education reform and spiritual awareness in hopes of creating a better world for those to come. SOLEIL SOLEIL X recently released her debut project, PLYBCK, and her latest single, YELLOW, on all streaming platforms. As the Creative Director at Afrovibes Entertainment, SOLEIL eagerly embarked on this partnership to increase awareness of healthy living through various art forms, and highlight prominent minority-owned businesses and brands for the betterment of The People. As a business owner and project manager, SOLEIL believes in the importance of all people uniting on common grounds and showing mutual respect for one another as the mystery of life continues to unfold. Partnered with the #LoveMovement, SOLEIL SOLEIL X speaks truth in love, while advocating for peace, harmony, and prosperity for those who have suffered injustice. 

Spiritually rooted with a New Love vibe, SOLEIL SOLEIL X empowers all. 

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