The Iconic American School That Refuses to Forget Its Heritage

West University, a city of its own, the wealthiest community in Texas, sitting in the heart of Houston, Texas. Enter West University Elementary School (WUES), the pride of its town, where parents are lured in from all over the country, including a distinguished international community. What a better way to celebrate this international vibe than by coming together for this year’s annual International Festival “A Thousand Reasons Why”. 

This annual global celebration of culinary, art, and cultural performances was held on Thursday, January 24th at WUES, and it wasn’t something to be missed!  Students, teachers, parents, as well as local international societies, showcased many reasons why a journey to experience one’s motherlands, landmarks, nature, historical sites, instruments, and vibrant culture is a must for everyone!

The festival featured the beauty and strength of more than 40 countries with its unique exhibitions, a colorful parade, dynamic cultural performances, and delectable food tastings from seven continents.

WUES began celebrating this iconic event way before it began. The festival was kicked off with students greeting everyone in different languages during the school’s morning announcements.  To further accelerate the international vibe that is always roaring around WUES during this time, all the third grade students lined the hallways with elaborate displays of their own heritages, and the meaning that it has given to each of their lives.

Much of the media have referenced WUES as “a truly iconic American school, something movies are made of.”  Dig a little deeper, and you will find students who are deeply emerged in their heritage, but most important, the heritage of others.

“Otsukare sama desu. The event was very organized and so fun! I felt I could dive in the world!  Thank you again!”  N. Shimaguchi. Japan Outreach Initiative and Asia Society Centre

“Well done! Everyone had a great time!” The Rahwani–Shivani Family

“Beautiful job! Beautiful event!” T. Rhodes, West U Artist Tree Owner

“It was a fun a wonderful event. I will be in it next year!” Angelus McFarlane, Owner Ravlin Martial Arts, Houston

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