The Land of Opportunity Business Luncheon

Hosted by Pete Garcia, Executive Director of The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Houston-The Woodlands- Gulf Coast Chapter

Texas and NAFTA Facts and Business Opportunities

August 22nd, 2018, Hyatt Regency Houston

For more information on business opportunities with Mexico go to:

Featured keynote Vance Ginn, Ph.D. – Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity and a senior economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of the nation’s premier free-market think tanks.

In his report co-written with Elliott Raia-research associate for the Center for Economic Prosperity at the Texas Policy Foundation and Dayal Rajagopolan- research associate for the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Vance Ginn, Ph.D states, “research shows NAFTA has positively contributed to increase U.S. economic activity and job creation. Mexico is Texas’ number one foreign trading partner and purchases over $100 Billion a year in Texas made products. That is about $275 Million every single day.The U.S. Chamber of Commerce notes trade among individuals in these countries supports a net 14 million U.S. jobs with increased trade after NAFTA contributing to 5 million of those jobs. These economic benefits occurred directly by reducing the cost of doing business with a broader market, and indirectly by lowering prices of goods and services that contribute to people having more purchasing power to satisfy their desires. People have flourished from increased trade and job creation across the country since NAFTA, and this increased market exposure has helped to diversify Texas’ economy. Any Negotiation on NAFTA should be toward freer trade, along with making the US and Texas economies more globally competitive so Texans and all Americans can prosper. There is much at stake with the outcome of renegotiating NAFTA. economic growth, standards of living, and successes of many businesses lie in the balance. If the focus is on the principles of freedom and liberty, the outcome of an improved NAFTA will be to let people prosper, whether they are Texans, Americans, Mexicans, or Canadians.”

People Prosper From Trade: NAFTA & TEXAS May 2018 Texas Public Policy Foundation

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